How to stop getting distracted from your money goals – Indistractable Book

We are constantly distracted in all phases of our lives. Whether it be your phone notifications, interruptions at work, or getting sucked into the social media app feed loop, we all have weaknesses for something that can take us away from what we really want. Through the book Indistractable, we'll learn how to reduce distractions and turn that into traction towards fulfilling the money goals we have.


  • Takeaway #1 [09:16] – We need to understand the root causes of distraction.
  • Takeaway #2 [13:57] – Thinking differently about our internal triggers and apply the 10-minute rule to fight them.
  • Takeaway #3 [21:59] – Know what you're being distracted from by timeboxing.

Financial Applications

  1. Take time to examine the root causes of your money mistakes [25:31]
  2. Implement the 10-minute rule to better manage your spending [30:57]


Show Notes

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Next Up

Next week we'll talk about the book “Tiny Habits” and how you can create 'After I ____, I will ____' statements to improve your personal financial outcomes.

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