Delve into Money Podcast

Each episode we’ll break down books and apply the takeaways to your personal financial journey.

Healthy financial decisions are intentional financial decisions, so by being intentional in applying what we learn we’ll help you create healthy financial future.

The host, Kurtis Hanni, has for years obsessed over his personal finances and enjoyed helping others better manage their money. He will bring his love of books and combine it with his personal finance know-how to provide a unique perspective on money.

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Kurtis Hanni

Show Host


65: December break

For the month of December I'm taking a break from the podcast. When we start in January, I'll be...

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64: Building a Life of Freedom with Brian Luebben

Have you ever seen people living just a little differently and wondered how they built that life for themselves?...

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63: The Hidden Costs in Business

I talk a lot about the numbers of business, but what are the hidden costs? Today I break down...

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62: From Financial Advisor to Content Creator with Jeff Rose

Jeff Rose is Certified Financial Planner that 3 years ago sold his wealth management to become a full-time online...

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61: Value Creation in Business

What is the goal of running a business? I argue that everyone's goal is to create value. Ultimately for...

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