How to create a “someday” fund and complete your most important tasks – Make Time Book

Have you ever let a day slip by and only completed your small tasks without ever getting to the big problem you needed to address? Have you ever struggled to focus and get settled in once you’re ready to work? Make Time is a book with the tagline “How to focus on what matters every day”. This is a book I have read more than anything besides the Bible! In this episode, we will look at 2 key takeaways from the book and then find financial applications for your life.


* Takeaway #1 [07:57] – Abolish “infinity pools” to set times and spaces
* Takeaway #2 [14:30] – Managing your email
* Financial Application [22:33] – Start a “someday” fund


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Next week we’ll talk about 5 recommended books for your summer reading list!

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