Teaching children about money and rewiring our brain – Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain book

Do you understand the brain? Have you ever wondered how to teach your kids about money? Are you interested in rewiring your brain to reroute you away from those bad financial and health decisions? In this episode, we'll talk about the book “Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain” and how you can take these lessons about the brain and apply them to your personal finances.


  • Takeaway #1 – Little brains wire themselves to their world, so we need to be intentional about teach them about money.
  • Takeaway #2 – Your brain predicts what you do, so we need to rewire our brains by pre-planning our money steps.


Show Notes

Buy the book (affiliate link)

Seven and a Half Lessons website

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Next week we'll talk about why you should read more books.

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