30: A framework for achieving long-term goals and the not-to-do list (Redeeming Your Time book #3)

Achieving goals, especially long-term ones can be intimidating and hard. Today we’re going to talk about how to focus on what truly matters and how to better prioritize your commitments.

If we don’t clarify our essentials, we end up doing whatever comes to our attention in the moment.

In many cases, that means we do low-value tasks that pop up in our day and put off the truly important.

We let the noise and hum of the day around us distract us from the things we value.

The reality is, if we don’t spend time on the things we value, we need to evaluate: how much do we truly value them?

To get better at prioritization and setting goals, we need to start much higher than “goals”. We need to start with Values.

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