Common factors to becoming a millionaire – The Millionaire Next Door Book

The classic book “The Millionaire Next Door” explores 7 common factors between the millionaires around us. We all have our perceptions of what a millionaire looks like, but this perception is not accurate! We’ll explore 3 takeaways and 3 applications to your financial life to get you closer to becoming the millionaire next door yourself….

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5 book recommendations to level up your personal finances

“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.” – Warren Buffet Learning from those smarter than you is a key to financial success and these 5 books should help you get one step closer to a better financial future. Outline The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel [03:35] The Millionaire Next Door by…

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Introduction: we all struggle with financial doubt. Here is how this podcast plans to help.

At one point or another we’ve all been overwhelmed with our personal finances and unsure what decisions to make. This podcast aims to help you distill the information and deep dive into your personal finances. This episode is an introduction into what you can expect and the behind the podcast. ——- Outline ——- * Why…

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